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Delve into the aromatic allure of Bucks' meticulously curated black tea collection, where tradition and craft converge to bring you an enchanting beverage experience. Each sip is a celebration of the rich heritage embedded within these time-honored infusions.

**Earl Grey**: Revel in the distinctive charm of our Earl Grey, a black tea beloved for its vibrant infusion of bergamot oil that dances through the robust leaves. The magic unfolds through oxidation, where the tea leaves embrace oxygen-rich air, transforming them into a deep, dark hue that cradles the essence of citrus elegance. It’s a sophisticated blend that bridges the gap between a storied past and a zestful present.

**Ceylon**: Sourced from the lush terrains of Sri Lanka, our Ceylon black tea is a radiant homage to its origins. The leaves, which darken to a rich brown during the natural oxidation process, unfurl in hot water to release a crisp and invigorating flavor with a smooth, gratifying finish. This tea is a versatile treasure, as delightful in the morning as it is for an afternoon respite.

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At Bucks, we're committed to presenting teas that not only captivate your palate but also honor the rich processes that give them life. We embrace the art of oxidation, a natural transformation where leaves darken and flavors deepen, ensuring that every ounce of tea is brimming with character and depth.

Embark on an adventure with Bucks, where each cup is a tapestry of history, an embodiment of artisanal mastery, and a heartwarming indulgence. Allow the legacy of our black teas to become intertwined with your daily ritual, as we continue to forge moments of joy in every brew. Welcome to the world of Bucks, where each sip is a testament to time, dedication, and a love for tea.

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