The Team

Buck's Spices is an ongoing collaboration of foodies involved in ingredient sourcing, formulary, community participation, operations, and sales, made possible by the generous and dedicated contributions and stewardship of many talented people over the last half century, including:

Name Role Current Food Crush
Anne Buck* Founder Emeritus "Every night for dinner I will season my meal with a different spice.  It's remarkable how familiar foods can be made to taste new again!"
Beau Buck Business, New Product Development "Fleur de Sel de Guerande with butter and black truffle oil on a hot baked potato."
Gabriel Charter Systems, Formulary,
Spice Barista, Fulfillment
"My food crushes are sabich, imam bayildi, and anything with chipotle."
Vincent Li Design, Spice Barista, 
"I crave Cheung Fun a lot, it's a steamed rice roll with a filling like roasted pork and scallions and dipped in a sweet soy sauce. It's simple, but it reminds me of when my parents took me to dim sum for the first time. Curry pork buns are also a weakness for me right now."
Alyssa Hilton-Meyer
Accounting, HR
"Tempeh marinated in peanut sauce, zucchini sautéed with cinnamon and ghee, and coconut turmeric cauliflower rice!"


...and many other friends, customers, collaborators, wild crafters, and suppliers.

*Anne left us in 2019.