The Oxford Companion to Food, Vintage, Hardcover

The Oxford Companion to Food, Vintage, Hardcover

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Twenty years in the making, the first edition of this bestselling reference work appeared in 1999 to worldwide acclaim. Combining serious and meticulously researched facts with entertaining and witty commentary, it has been deemed unique by chefs and reviewers around the globe. It contains both a comprehensive catalog of foodstuffs - crackers and cookies named for battles and divas; body parts from toe to cerebellum; breads from Asia to the Mediterranean - and a richly allusive account of the culture of food, whether expressed in literature and cook books, or as dishes special to a country or community.

Retaining Alan Davidson's wisdom and wit, this new edition also covers the latest developments across the whole spectrum of this subject. 

James Beard Award for Reference, History, and Scholarship
2000 · 2000 JBF Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards

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