Za'atar, Pre-packaged 2 oz

Za'atar, Pre-packaged, Small

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Pre-packaged in a tidy little resealable pouch!

Zaatar is a uniquely delicious middle-eastern spice blend. Our Zaatar spice blend tastes fantastic on roasted chicken, hummus, avocado, cream cheese, salad, eggplant, french fries, seafood, bread, and especially flatbread. In truth, Zaatar is a spice with nearly universal applicability. We blend our homemade Za'atar using a delightful mix of dried regional herbs, sesame seeds, sumac, and sea salt. We hope you love our take on Zaatar as much as we do.

Zaatar Ingredients:  Thyme / Hyssop, Cumin, Coriander, Sesame Seeds, Sumac, Aleppo Chili Flake, Sea salt. 

    • Pre-packaged in a tidy little resealable pouch!