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Masienda Pura Macha Salsa, Guajillo + Cranberry + Hazelnut

Masienda Pura Macha Salsa, Guajillo + Cranberry + Hazelnut

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Savor the unexpected delight with our Pura Macha – a taste experience that defies the ordinary.

Salsa Macha, or "brave salsa," may hint at a fiery kick with its name, but it's a symphony of flavors that truly defines this oil-infused chile masterpiece. Lovingly crafted using a blend of nuts, seeds, select spices, and dried fruits alongside chiles, this condiment celebrates a depth of taste that transcends mere heat.

Think less 'hot sauce' and more a rich tapestry of savory notes, weaving complexity and delectable layers into every bite. It's an adventure in flavor that stands out from the crowd.

Versatile beyond measure, our Pura Macha is the perfect companion to a myriad of dishes. From traditional masa favorites like tacos and tamales to the unexpected twist on pizza, salads, and noodles – it's the secret ingredient that elevates your meals to extraordinary. Drizzle it over rice, stir it into pasta, blend it with yogurt, or simply enjoy it as a heartwarming addition to bread and butter. The possibilities are endless.

Proudly representing a woman-owned, Latin-inspired heritage, every 9 oz jar of Pura Macha is a testament to tradition and innovation, handcrafted with pride right here in Los Angeles.

Dive into something special, different, and decidedly delicious. Welcome to the Pura Macha family.

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