Adobo Seasoning

Puerto Rican Diaspora Adobo Seasoning

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All over the world, people love adobo. In Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Philippines, adobo is essential and multipurpose

Derived from the Spanish word adobar, or “to marinate,” adobo unites the many places that once fell under the Spanish Empire. But adobo is also an example of how separate cultures persisted and evolved despite the Spanish influence. The word adobo speaks to a shared history of Spanish occupation, but taste adobo from Mexico beside adobo from the Philippines and you’ll instantly witness how traditions diverged.

Ours is most closely aligned the cuisines of the Puerto Rican disaposora. 

All-purpose Seasoning for Chicken, Beef & Fish.

Contains: Salt, Onion, Garlic, Black Pepper, Mexican Oregano, Ground Bay Leaf, Turmeric, Cumin.