Passionflower Tea (1 oz)
Passionflower Tea (1 oz)

Passionflower Tea (1 oz)

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      • This Tea Is Prepared With One Heaping Teaspoon Of The Cut Plant Matter With Eight Ounces Of Hot Water, Steeped For Ten Minutes.
      • Culinary Use: In Teas, Alone Or With Other Herbs.
      • 100% Natural-Nontain no additives, preservatives, or artificial colors.
      • For Calming Before Bed
      • Passion Flower Whole Herbal Tea | Bed Time / Relax Mind Herbal Tea | WildCrafted.
      • METHOD OF PREPARATION: Put Water To Boil. When It Reaches A Boil, Turn Off The Heat And Add The Passionflower. Let It Sit For Eight Minutes, Then Strain It And You're Ready To Drink.

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