Mild Madras Curry, Pre-packaged 2 oz

Mild Madras Curry, Pre-packaged,Small

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Pre-packaged in a tidy little resealable pouch!

Madras curry, mild, is a milder version of a typically fairly hot curry sauce (with the exception of seafood madras curries, which are made to a slightly different recipe), red in colour and with a lighter use of chili powder.

Madras curry is said to originate from the south of India, and gets its name from the city known as Madras when English merchants arrived there in 1640 (now Chennai). However, the name 'Madras Curry' is not used in India, but was invented by restaurants in Britain. 

Mild Madras Curry is a good general tasting curry to get if you are uncertain or don't feel like being venturous..  It's very popular amongst the walk-in customers who get to sniff it in person....