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The Love Your Skin Box

The Love Your Skin Box

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Here's a thoughtful gift for the person in your life who care about their skin: The Love Your Skin Box!  Each box contains

Bixa Fixa, the all-herbal skin fixer salve, from Smithereen Farm.

Galenic Daily Hand Cream, a sumptuous, lovely thick and not greasy hand cream for nightly use, from Alba1913.

Metropolitan Skin Guard, an intensely hydrating and light cream formula made to protect skin against a variety of environmental stressors, from Alba1913.

About Alba1913

Alba1913 is an independent Polish brand. They craft ALBA1913 natural formulations, drawing on a hundred-year-old family apothecary and herbalist tradition, all in line with CLEAN BEAUTY standards. Their quality skincare and herbal formulations have already gained recognition in HOLLYWOOD, Saudi Arabia and Japan. 

About Smithereen Farm

Smithereen Farm is a MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) certified organic farm located on Cobscook Bay, on Maine’s border with Canada.

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