Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise - Kult fave - 350gr

Kewpie Japanese Mayonnaise - Kult fave - 350gr

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"Mayonnaise is a magical ingredient. It makes the outside of your grilled cheese extra crispy, your chocolate cake luscious and moist, and your tuna/chicken/potato salad sing. That being said, not all mayonnaises are created equal. Sure, you’ve got your standard Hellmann’s, your Duke’s, your avocado- and olive oil-based fares. But in the gastronomical kingdom of mayonnaise, only one reigns supreme -- and its name is Kewpie."

Why You Should Be Obsessed With Japan's Kewpie Mayo

The cult-favorite Japanese mayo is a favorite among chefs for a reason.

12.34 oz/ 350gr.

ps - does contain a small amount of MSG so heads up for those who want to avoid it.