Chocolate Date Tahini
Chocolate Date Tahini
Chocolate Date Tahini

Chocolate Date Tahini - Secret Weapon for Cookies/Pie Crusts

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This Chocolate Date Tahini is made by slowly mixing sweet medjool date syrup with Seed & Mill's gently roasted tahini, organic cacao, and a pinch of salt to make a decadent, fudgy chocolate spread you'll keep reaching for.

Two women-owned brands came together to bring you this chocolatey magic!

Drizzle it on oats or yogurt, spread on toast or a banana, and bake into cookies. Pie Crusts.  Use it to make hot cocoa, to freeze into fudge, or just dig in with a spoon. Indulge in this better-for-you dreamy, chocolatey spread. Be creative, you can't go wrong! A treat for you or the perfect gift for the health conscious or chocolate lover, Chocolate Date Tahini is an elegant and rich chocolate spread you'll quickly fall in love with.

This has everything you love about chocolate and nutella, but - made with whole food ingredients and a touch of sophistication that you've never had before in an indulgent spread. 

Made in United States of America