Black Garlic, (Organic) 3.75 oz
Black Garlic, (Organic) 3.75 oz

Black Garlic, (Organic) 3.75 oz

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With Fresh Perspective’s Black Garlic bulbs, you will experience a combination of flavors packed into one single ingredient. Black Garlic is a very versatile ingredient, it goes great in Asian dishes such as pho, teriyaki and fried rice or Italian foods like pizza, pasta. You can spread it onto your toasted breads or even infuse it into oils.  In fact, it can be used in a wider range of recipes than white garlic. With most of the strong spicy flavor of white garlic gone and the new sweet molasses and balsamic flavors present in black garlic, it makes it possible to even use it in desserts. Black Garlic pairs great with chocolate which makes it a new and recipe worthy ingredient in ice cream, cookies brownies and more! We hope that you try our Black Garlic in as many ways you can think of and please let us know how you use it in your dishes by posting it to our social media.

Texture: Soft and spreadable 

Flavors: balsamic and sweet molasses 

What to use it in: sauces, rubs, spreads, dressings, infusions, marinades, pizza and salad toppings and desserts