Alba1913 Rich Body Butter
Alba1913 Rich Body Butter

Alba1913 Rich Body Butter

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Soft, refreshing buttery balm that thoroughly nourishes skin, designed for the daily bath ritual or a luxurious massage session. Centella extract restores skin firmness and vitality. Lavender and lemon balm oil tone the skin, while the therapeutic scent relaxes the mind.

Apply as needed to the desired skin area, spread evenly and massage gently through circular movements until fully absorbed, while focusing od thoughths of inne peace and gratitude.

110 grams


About Alba1913

Alba1913 is an independent Polish brand. They craft ALBA1913 natural formulations, drawing on a hundred-year-old family apothecary and herbalist tradition, all in line with CLEAN BEAUTY standards. Their quality skincare and herbal formulations have already gained recognition in HOLLYWOOD, Saudi Arabia and Japan.