Silk Road Kashmiri, Vial
Silk Road Kashmiri, Vial

Silk Road Kashmiri Chile Pepper, Vial

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Kashmiri chile, ala Kashmir Mirch is much hotter than Deghi Mirch, but don't let that fool you. Our blend has heat, but is not so spicy. We blend Kashmiri pepper with USDA Certified Organic Garlic and USDA Certified Ginger in the perfect proportions to empower you with a nice spicy, garlicky, ginger-forward blend that really is great to use as is, as a spice atop whatever it is you're eating, or as a marinade for a deeper infusion of flavor. We like the flavor AND the aftertaste. You will too.

We package this special blend in a discreet vial, because you'll want to break this stash out from time to time to make whatever you're eating way more exciting that it was.