FDR Gigante Beans - YUGE
FDR Corona Beans (aka Gigante beans)
FDR Corona Beans (aka Gigante beans)

FDR Gigante Beans - YUGE

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A Local Olympia Brand!

Gigante beans make a creamy, filling, nutritious meal for the people, by the people. They're also really big. REALLY BIG.

Times can be tough, but with some good food and old-fashioned cooperation we can all get through this together.

These beans work well as pot beans, in soups, with pasta, in casseroles, and are versatile for just about any bean application you might imagine.

These particular beans have been cultivated in the Prespes area of northern Greece since at least the 16th century. This region is famous for excellent quality dried beans and other legumes.

About FDR Brand

FDR Brand is a local Olympia brand of foods which aims for the highest quality at the lowest price: beans, legumes, and grains, packed in Olympia, WA. FDR Brand means delicious, practical and nutritious products at very competitive prices. Whenever possible FDR Branded products are organic, non-GMO, and sustainably produced.